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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty [EU only]

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The original StarCraft made its debut in 1998, and it quickly became one of the most popular real-time strategy games of all time.

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Game Overview

So why do you need StarCraft II? Well, 11 million StarCraft fans can't be wrong. The original StarCraft made its debut in 1998, and it quickly became one of the most popular real-time strategy games of all time. We've waited a long time for an updated sequel, and rumors of it were periodically dangled in front of us like a space carrot over the years. So why did it take so long? Because that is precisely how long it took to fill it with the perfect amount of awesome. It's a continuation of the epic struggle between the human Terrans, the insect-like Zerg and the psionic Protoss. Fans of the original will see some familiar faces, as well as a cast of new heroes as they do battle across the galaxy with veteran, upgraded and brand new unit types. To remain consistent with the game's new-millennium feel, the gaming service has been completely revamped to offer noticeable enhancements and new features in multiplayer mode. The fun of StarCraft II is not limited to those who played the first StarCraft, however. Even if you were a toddler when the first game came out, you'll be able to choose your faction and jump right into the fray.


  • Three completely distinct races: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race.
  • Groundbreaking single-player "story-mode" campaign.
  • Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes.
  • Full multiplayer support, with new competitive features and matchmaking utilities available through
  • Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience.

System Requirements

  • Hardware Demand: 2.2 Ghz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor?? 2GB RAM, 12GB Hard Drive Space, 128 MB NVidia GeForce 6600 GT/ATI Radeon 9800 PRO video card.
  • Platform: Window 7/XP/Vista, Mac.
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